Original and mysterious heritage

A different kind of heritage, unusual and sometimes mysterious, also awaits you. History, mystery and folklore in the Villers region !

The Goblet d'Alviella Mausoleum in Court-Saint-Etienne Mausolée Goblet d'Alviella -
An exceptional heritage site in Wallonia

Towering 12 metres above the rest of the graveyard, this mausoleum is without a shadow of a doubt one of the most original funerary monuments in Belgium.

It was built towards 1886–1888 by Count Eugène Goblet d'Alviella after his family got an isolated plot and a private entrance with a metal gate to the Court-Saint-Etienne graveyard.

Count Goblet d’Alviella engraved the mausoleum with symbols representing the human quest for eternal life and an inscription reading: “The unique being has more than one name”.

Cemetery of Court-Saint-Etienne. More details on the the website Patrimoine Stéphanois 

Croix de Saint-Gery Chastre

The Cross of Saint-Géry in Chastre

This cross is a three-metre high dark stone cross located at a country crossroads, visible from some distance. It bears no inscription but is distinguished from the crosses typically found at crossroad locations by a strange rounded detail.

The origin of this square cross is shrouded in mystery. There are many legends, but so far it has declined to reveal its secret

Look out for it on the Route de l’Etat.

More details on the website Cercle d'Histoire de Chastre


'Les Hosties Profanées' in MarbaisHosties Profanées Marbais

Not far from the church of Marbais, along a little path linking the church of Marbais to 'Rue de la Jouerie', stands a strange monument.

This stele was erected in 1804, after the theft of the wafer box from the parish church. The holy hosts it contained were scattered and later found by a shepherd.

According to the legend, the day after the theft, the shepherd, whose sheep were grazing in the meadow of La Jouerie farm, saw his flock walk towards the ditch beside the path and kneel down in a circle in front of something that he could not see. The shepherd went closer and saw the scattered holy hosts.

To make amends, the people of Marbais erected a stele in this place.

Pierre qqui tourne Court-Saint-Etienne

The turning stone in Court-Saint-Etienne

A sandstone block weighing approximately four tons. According to the legend, the stone turns when it hears the bell of the church of Court-Saint-Etienne strike midnight !

Go and check ...Ruelle Saussale 1490 Beaurieux.

More details on the website Patrimoine Stéphanois